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ICHS Pets of the Month
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Kitty.jpgFuji.jpgKitty & Fuji
Just letting you know that we are both still here waiting for YOU!!! We have been here for a year and we are the nicest cats but no one seems to notice. These two ladies are not a bonded pair but their circumstances are quite similar so they get “lumped” together when write-ups are done. They will probably do best as only cats. Find more info on the website, the Top Ten List and the previous Pets of the Month. Or just ask Fuji – she is a “talker” and will be happy to tell YOU all about it (the biggest difference between the two is that Kitty is quiet; Fuji – not so much)!


Daca is a strikingly beautiful cat (her picture doesn’t do her justice). She is 3-4 years old and a quiet lady. Daca was adopted from ICHS about a year ago but was returned in September because she and the other cat couldn’t get along and from that experience, it will probably be best if she is an only cat. Daca enjoys attention and will play, but she prefers to just lie around and snooze. Daca will more than likely do nothing to call attention to herself so when you come to visit, please take it upon yourself to seek Daca out – she will enjoy the attention!

Quite a handsome dude – wouldn’t you agree? BW is an eight year old sweetie whose white whiskers and brows really stand out. As you can see, BW’s right ear is “disfigured” and although it has been treated repeatedly, it still causes him some irritation so YOU will have to monitor it. BW was very timid and in rough shape when he came to the shelter in September, but he has since turned into a very loving kitty. BW is content to snooze most of the day but is very appreciative of the time that he gets to spend with volunteers. Although he will play when taken to a M&G room, he prefers to just roam around and rub up against you. A sunny window and a soft blanket will make BW a very contented kitty!

Barbara.jpgLeela.jpgBarbara & Leela
As you can tell from their pictures, Barbara and Leela have something in common – besides being beautiful! They came to the shelter in November (about a week apart) and both had eye infections, and as you can see, each had an eye removed. These two ladies are quite similar in other ways. They have beautiful fur coats and are both sweet and loving. Barbara (3) and Leela (2) are both playful – especially Leela – she does a great job of entertaining herself with her toys in her cage! Why not stop by and get to know one (or both) of these sweeties YOURSELF!

Bobbie_Sue.jpgBobbie Sue
Bobbie Sue is a medium-sized hound. She is 3-4 years old and was surrendered in August along with her 4 puppies. Her previous life was as an outside dog. Her life consisted of living on a chain and raising puppies (as a side note, she did seem like a very devoted mom with her youngsters – she “kept them in line”). Bobbie Sue is timid when it comes to meeting new people and she is also ‘fearful’ of new situations and loud, unexpected noises. She is ‘reactive’ to the other dogs at the shelter. It seems that she might be friendly with another dog – but NOT a small dog. Because of her litters of puppies (as well as other dogs at her previous home) she probably considers herself an “alpha” and so this needs to be kept in mind when introducing her to other dogs. She has an obsession with cats – and not in a good way for the cat! Her nose works overtime (no surprise – she’s a hound)! Once she knows someone, she is affectionate but can be aloof. Bobbie Sue has a lot to learn about the real world and will need a patient family.

Maddie is a three-year-old large Husky mix – a beautiful dog. Besides just being a very nice looking dog, your attention will be drawn to her eyes – mixed colors. She was an outside dog until her owner passed away and then was surrendered to ICHS. She has adjusted well to living indoors. She is both calm and friendly and is somewhat of a “velcro dog” – she loves to be around people. She loves to play with toys – and can really get zooming around when playing. She also loves snow and walks well on a leash. She probably will get along with other well-mannered dogs. Cats are probably a “no-no” as well as small children. Maddie has been here since mid-November and there has been little interest in her which is odd because she is such a nice dog. Come and meet her and see for YOURSELF!

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