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ICHS Pets of the Month
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Maxine2.jpgMaxine/Ping (aka ‘Porkchop’ and ‘Chunky Monkey’) - ADOPTED!
Maxine is a shy, small, compact bundle of fur.  The sign on her cage reads “Staff Only” and it is there because she doesn’t like to be picked up.  Maxine was a feral kitten who was taken in by a foster family and after months of ‘baby steps’, she really made great progress.  Her foster mom reported that she was a lap cat, loved to snuggle and could be picked up.  However the family could not keep her so she was returned to the shelter.  A few volunteers have permission to spend time with Maxine.  Her cage is wheeled into a M&G room, she hops out and the fun begins.  She is very playful, has a non-stop raspy purr and allows you to pet her – just don’t try to pick her up or restrain her.  This little lady needs a quiet home, a patient family and some time to readjust to family life.  She definitely wants attention, but she doesn’t know how to react when she has your attention.  Please ask about this sweetie!

Laurel.jpgLaurel - ADOPTED!
Laurel is a sweet older kitty who spends most of her day sleeping.  However it is not known if her sleepy behavior will continue once she is away from the shelter.  Laurel is FeLV+ which means she must stay indoors, should not be with other cats (unless they are also FeLV+) and a quiet household would be best.  No one pays much attention to Laurel – whether it is because of her FeLV status or because she is always sleeping and no one wants to awaken her – but she has been with us almost a year so what are YOU waiting for?  Come and meet sweet Laurel today!

Johnson.jpgJohnson - ADOPTED!
Johnson is a young tabby with a crooked ear – I can’t tell if only one is crooked or if it’s both of them but it only adds to his charm!  He lives in Larry’s Living Room with ten other cats and is a bit shy.  He hasn’t been with us long but does seek attention when the room’s population dwindles – which happens every day at cleaning time (some of the kitties opt for the pet carriers). He is friendly with people and although he gets along with the other cats, he doesn’t try to compete with the others for attention.  He will be a wonderful addition to YOUR family so when YOU come to meet him, look for him in the corner behind one of the litter boxes.  If he is out and about, just look for the cutie with the crooked ear(s)!

Cooli.jpgCooli - ADOPTED!
Coolio is a nice, mannerly kitty.  He’s not shy but he’s laid-back. So even though he loves attention, don’t expect him to be all over you when you walk in the room to visit him and his “roomies”.   Coolio resides in Larry’s Living Room with ten others and he gets along well.  Actually Coolio and Johnson came in as strays from the same municipality – although a few weeks apart – so perhaps they even roamed the same neighborhood before ending up at ICHS and being reunited in Larry’s Living Room.  It is always such a PLUS to have cats that get along well with other cats – so here’s your chance to “stock up” on cats – any of the eleven LLR cats will do well in your home…and besides, I’m not sure how anyone can go into Larry’s Living Room and come away with only one – whether it’s Coolio, Johnson or any of the others!Come and visit the kitties in this room and you’ll see what I mean! Paige.jpg

Paige - ADOPTED!
Sweet little Paige is another of those cats that makes you wonder, “Why is she still here?”  I suppose the answer is that there are simply too many cats and she gets lost in the shuffle.  Paige is a beauty.  She is both playful and entertaining but yet she can be a lady and will sit sedately on your lap.  The last time that I had her out she seemed to be troubled when she couldn’t decide whether to play and release some energy or sit on my lap and be petted.  She wanted both play-time and attention.  Come and meet Paige and find out what YOU (and everyone else) have been missing!  

Elody.jpgElody- ADOPTED!
Elody has been at ICHS since mid-October.  She spent the summer running free in one of the county’s villages as she was quite adept at eluding capture.  She is a bit shy – that is until she gets to know you and once she knows you, you and she will be “best buds”.  She loves to play and is one of the more physical dogs that I have seen in a long time.  She shows promise as a great agility dog.  She has been chasing and catching tennis balls since she’s been here and I think she would be amazing with a Frisbee.  Although she is listed as an Australian shepherd mix, I see some Catahoula Leopard in her. No matter what her background, she will be a loyal family companion - although probably too energetic for small children.  She has done well with most dogs while she has been with us.  She is an all-around nice dog!  Come and meet her and find out for yourself!   

Past Pets of the Month
December 2015 - Laurel, Maxine/Ping, Paige and Elody have been adopted! 
September 2015 - Boscoe, Melody, Millie and Solo have been adopted!
March 2015 - Popper, Jocci and Ming have all been adopted!
January 2015 - All but Sox have been adopted, Kendra and Smudge were adopted via Angel's Wish!
November 2014 All but Vegas have been adopted!


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ICHS Pets of the Month

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