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Tanya is a 2-3 year old sweetie. She has a velvety fur coat and she absolutely loves to be brushed. Tanya is very shy until she gets to know you. New surroundings, experiences and people (this includes YOU) really make her nervous. Once she gets used to "new", she is extremely affectionate and cuddly. YOU will need to be patient with her when coming to visit and when you take her home. It is not known if she gets along well with other cats or not since she has always been by herself due to her shy nature.
Rover is a handsome two year old guy whose favorite thing in the world is to eat. Once he has "been fueled" he is good to go. He loves attention but he hasn't earned the title of "world's greatest lap cat" yet. He will sit on your lap briefly but he prefers to rub up against YOU and if he wants more "hands on" he'll let YOU know. Rover does like his playtime but again, he has to be in the mood. Rover may get along with other cats but it will probably depend on your other cat and how YOU go about introducing them to each other.

Gizmo is a 6-8 year old petite lady. She is a bit on the shy side but comes "out of her shell" as soon as she realizes that she is the "center of YOUR attention". She had been in Larry's Living Room and she got along with the other cats, but she preferred that they stay "out of her space". Being cats, they didn't always respect her wishes so she now is in a cage and seems content living by herself. Although she will do fine in a home with other cats, she may prefer to be YOUR one and only. A sweetheart!

Vixen was an unexpected write up. She is a beautiful calico and was so frightened when she was brought to the shelter in a live trap last December. She absolutely made herself as invisible as possible (curled up in a tight ball in a corner or flattened herself like a pancake so you wouldn't notice her) for the first two months of her stay here at ICHS. A couple of volunteers worked with her and (with the help of treats) she finally started to show interest in her surroundings. Then she allowed people to touch her and then accepted their pets. Today when I visited her, she allowed me to pick her up and hold her which was so surprising that I just had to include her in this write up. She is fine with the other cats that she lives with in the Cat Corral room. She still is somewhat leery of people that she doesn't know so when YOU come to meet her, realize that YOU will have to have patience.

Meet the "Hard Luck Kittens" – Kenny
, Donna, Gloria, Eddie & Monessa - All Addopted now!


I am not sure if "Hard Luck Kittens" is the correct title for this bunch – perhaps "Luckiest Kittens Alive" is more fitting. 'Lucky' because someone found them and cared enough to bring them to ICHS. They were very sick and malnourished and if not brought in when they had been, at least some of them would not have survived – especially Donna the calico – she wasn't expected to survive the night. After weeks of being nursed back to health it was discovered that some of them had ringworm and so they all had to be quarantined and treated for a couple of months. The problem now became how to socialize these 'semi-feral' kittens that were now in quarantine with ringworm. Obviously they couldn't be socialized until the ringworm was cleared up. These kittens are now healthy but they will need patient families to continue their socialization. As a volunteer these are my observations:

Kenny, the tabby, is the friendliest of the bunch and can be picked up and held. Donna, the calico, is also quite friendly and can sometimes be picked up and held. Gloria, the darker gray tabby, is friendly however she is still somewhat skittish. She can be petted but isn't too fond of being held. Eddie, the orange guy, is quite interested in people. You can touch him but petting him – sometimes. Monessa is the lighter gray tabby and she is still quite fearful. I find that treats (limited) and peacock feathers are "big draws" in helping them overcome their fears. And, of course, any sudden movement or loud noise sends them scurrying. So are these five 'lucky or unlucky'? Either way – they will be even 'luckier' when YOU come to visit, fall in love and take one or more of them to YOUR "forever home".


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