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ICHS Pets of the Month
Do not forget to check out our longer term residents who are always looking for a forever home - Click here for the Top Ten Cat List 

If you are familiar with our kitties, you will realize that most of these featured cats are from the Top Ten List. But for some reason these kitties get overlooked time and time again. If you are looking for that "purrfect" kitty, please consider one of these that have been here way too long!

Yuna.jpgVeda.jpgYuna & Veda (Veda - Adopted!)
and Veda have a lot in common. They are approximately 5-6 years old. They have both been at ICHS going on two years and they get overlooked by potential adopters. One reason they may get overlooked is that they live in The Catnip Lounge and people either don't go in that room at all or by the time adopters do get to The Lounge, they've already chosen a cat from the main viewing room(s). Both of these ladies can live with other cats but they do prefer "their space". Veda loves attention whereas Yuna has "the torti-tude" meaning she is independent and life must be on her terms. Veda is the more affectionate of the two and will enjoy YOUR lap whereas Yuna is more "standoffish". Both of these kitties will be wonderful companions once they have their own family (best if there are no young children).
Matthew.jpgPeeve.jpgMatthew & Peeve
and Peeve are Yuna and Veda's roommates. These two young fellas are also very similar to each other. They have only been at ICHS for a month or so. They are both youngsters – about a year old. They are friendly, love to play and tend to get overlooked also (due to their location). Looking for a pair of kitties? Look no further! These two get along well with each other, are very tolerant (they have to be living with Yuna and Veda) and are so sweet! When YOU come to ICHS to adopt, cuddle or just visit, please stop in and meet these two youngsters!

Kitty.jpgFuji.jpgKitty & Fuji
Kitty and Fuji also have a lot in common. They are both about 3 years old and came to the shelter last January. They are both playful and they'll both tell you that they never get enough attention. As you can see they are both Torties and have a bit of an attitude, but they both can be quite accommodating once they have YOUR undivided attention. Neither of these two are overly fond of other cats so they should be YOUR one and only. Fuji can be a bit more demanding – she can be vocal and makes lots of little noises. Fuji is also quite energetic and a hoot to watch when she madly does maneuvers in her condo. Either of these will be an excellent companion once they have their own family (best if there are no young children). These ladies also tend to be ignored when visitors stop by.
Moby.jpgSocks.jpgMoby & Socks
Moby and Socks have grown to be best buddies. They both reside in Larry's Living Room and frequently curl up next to each other. Although these two do not need to be adopted together, if YOU are looking for two mellow males, here's a pair all set to go! Moby is about seven years old and has been at ICHS for about a year. He needs eye drops in his right eye twice a day, but he is so good about it that he can almost administer the drops himself! He is playful, loves attention and will be very willing to curl up next to you. Socks is about 2-3 years old and has only been here since February. He is still a bit shy but Moby is a good role model for him. Although these guys get along with other cats, they can be bossy when new cats are first placed in Larry's Living Room. Both of these guys (whether together or by themselves) will make great companions and additions to YOUR home!

Kato.jpgKato - Adopted!
Small dogs are in demand and tend not to reside long at ICHS so it is surprising that Kato is still here. He was surrendered in June and even was on TV, but there has been little interest in him. He is a neat little dog – what a character! He is four years old. His breed – well, some of us think that somewhere in his background there was a Welsh Corgi – perhaps his great-grandfather! He is an independent sort of guy – kind of likes to do things his way. He does OK with some dogs but you have to remember that since he likes things his way, he may be a bit choosy about his dog pals. He does not do well with cats. He is still a bit overweight so Kato continues to need walks – although he will be the first to let you know that "enough is enough". Kato will make a nice companion and YOU will probably not have a dull moment with him around!

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ICHS Pets of the Month

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