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Current Issue: March 2018

A Letter From The Editor...... Cat_relaxes_on_sidewalk.jpgSpring is here – finally – or shall I say that spring is sort of here? It is still too cold, windy and 'blah' outside for me to stop complaining. To me, this has been the longest winter that I can remember – mostly because of the cold. I was surprised to see in the WSJ newspaper that this winter came in as the 23rd coldest winter on record out of the past 70 winters. I'm sure that information is accurate but it sure seemed like it was colder than that! And although I'm not a snow enthusiast, the lack of snow was disappointing. The couple of 'larger' snowfalls that we had were followed by warmer temperatures and so the snow melted in a couple of days. This couldn't have been in the best interests of the farmers and alfalfa fields. I'm impatiently waiting to see some green poking through the earth – and it doesn't have to be in my yard – green in anybody's yard will suffice. BTW – for those of you who remember Oscar (I brought him home in the fall of 2015) – here I am complaining about the cold and he is out sunbathing on the sidewalk – maybe I should join him. ☺ OK – enough complaining. Let's move on to some exciting news...As you read this letter it is important to remember that I am a volunteer and these are MY thoughts.

The exciting news that I am referring to is the new flooring which was recently installed at the shelter!!! This is the news release that was sent out a few weeks ago: ☺

Donations Needed for Flooring Fund!
As most of you know, ever since we purchased our current facility in 2012, we've been chipping away at necessary building updates and improvements for safety, long term cost savings, and in general, to be able to best utilize the space for our needs. Back in 2015 we were able to put in new flooring in the front reception area and the back offices, but put a hold on updating the flooring in other areas, such as the main cat area ("Whisker City"), the other cat rooms, meet and greet rooms, utility rooms, and back hallways. Unfortunately, the time has now come to tackle the worn-out flooring in those areas as well due to safety concerns and in order to help us maintain our high standard of sanitation for the animals.

To some it may seem that new flooring was an unnecessary expense but if you look at these two 'before' pictures, you can see that the floor was in need of attention. The floor tiles must have been installed at least 35 years ago but it wasn't just a matter of aesthetics. Even after the floor had been mopped – if you hadn't actually seen someone mopping – you wouldn't know that the floor had just been cleaned. It is a project that we had been talking about for the past few years so it is so good to finally have it completed. The dog kennel will need new flooring eventually but there are other improvements that need to be completed in the kennel area before a new floor can be installed. Here are a couple of 'before and after' pictures:



What a difference – wouldn't you agree? We will be having an Open House in April to show off the recent improvements. There is more information on the upcoming Open House elsewhere in the newsletter. Hope to see you there.

January and February were fantastic months for adoptions which allowed for the installation of the flooring to move forth. Angel's Wish made their annual late winter visit and took our "teenagers" and a few of the adult cats so ICHS's cat population was approximately 25 cats at the time of the flooring project. I don't know if I ever remember us having so few cats!

Our next project will focus on the outdoor holding kennels and play yards for the dogs. The Building and Grounds Committee will be working on this project. If you have ideas or would like to help, please let us know by contacting the office.

Lastly, the annual Board of Director's meeting was March 12 and as a result of that meeting, we have some newly elected board members. They include: Cyd Bickford, Alayna Husom, Dawn Van Epps and Joselyn Van Ruyven. These ladies join Judy Lindholm, Louanna Schulte, Mike Van Sicklen and John Mutschler. It appears to me that our animals and organization are in very "good hands".  If you have any suggestions or ideas about the content of ICHS PAWPRINTS, please contact me,Terri Davis, at

Upcoming Fundraising Events and Volunteer Needs
Just a reminder that ICHS is always looking for volunteers to help with the planning and implementation of our fundraisers. Our goal is to have enough volunteers so that each individual would only have to help plan and/or work at one event per year. So...if you would like to get involved with the planning and organizing of 2018's fundraisers, please contact the shelter for more details. We hope to hear from you!!!

April 8, 15, 22, & 29- Canine Good Citizen Spring Session Fundraiser - ICHS will be holding our Spring CGC class session during the month of April with classes every Sunday. Class will be from 1PM to 3PM, with the certification test on the last Sunday (4/29). The cost for this session is just $60. Sign up now, spots are limited and usually fill up fast!

April 20 and 21- ICHS Annual Garage Sale Fundraiser - Please join us for our annual spring garage sale! We'll be open from 8am-2pm each day. We'll have TONS of great deals on new and lightly used animal items (dog & cat crates, toys, bowls, beds, collars, etc.), as well as everything else you'd expect at a garage sale! Want to help raise money for ICHS? We are now accepting garage sale donations such as furniture, household items, electronics, jewelry, etc. Please only bring us items that are in good condition and functional- if you're not sure, call ahead and ask! Thank you!

April 21- Bake Sale & Open House - In conjuction with the second day of our garage sale we will be having a bake sale and open house at ICHS. Come see what we've been working on lately- there are lots of building improvements to see and cute animals to pet! The Bake sale will be open from 8am-2pm, the open house will be open from 10am-2pm.

May 4- Dueling Pianos Benefit - Please join us once again at the Deer Valley Lodge for a wonderful evening of music, laughs, and good friends! Our fundraiser with the Fun Pianos! last year was a wonderful success, and we're hoping for an ever bigger and better event this time around! Tables of 8 are $295, tables of 10 are $355, and individual tickets are available as well for $40. Please keep in mind, this event is better with a table full of friends to laugh and sing with!

May 19 and 26 – ICHS Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser – 8:30am - 12:00pm both days. The plant sale will feature a large variety of both annuals and perennials.

Please visit our website at for more details on any of the events listed above.

January & February Adoptions

Jan Cats
Miu Miu
Tom Collins
Salty Dog*

Jan Cats

Jan Dogs

Feb Cats
Mickey Slim*+
Rob Roy*+

Feb Cats
Fredrick Douglass

Feb Dogs

*- kitten  
- special needs and/or having been an ICHS resident for a year(s) 
+ - Transferred to Angel’s Wish 

Special Pets
We all know that all animals are 'special' but the animals featured in this section are indeed special. These are 'special needs' animals. The special person/family who adopts one of these animals knows that this may/may not be the long-term relationship which we hope for when we open our hearts and homes to a new family member. These animals 'forever homes' with us may be just for a short time before they move on...But, nevertheless, these animals need a home and a loving family just as we all do. Are you possibly the family that could provide a home for one of these animals? If not, do you know of a family who could provide a loving home for these animals? If so, please come out to ICHS and find out more about these animals from the ICHS staff.

FIV Kitty - Chiclet
Chiclet.jpgChiclet is a young kitty – about 5 years old. She is a torti with a stubby tail and is front declawed. She is a sweetie! I have not had the pleasure to spend time with her, but I have been told that she does love to play – not so much with a person but that she plays by herself and is very entertaining to watch. She is a bit shy so once she settles into a home setting, it is fairly certain that her true personality will reveal itself and that YOU will find her to be a little "love bug".
Although we call FIV cats "special", there really are no special considerations when adopting any of these three kitties. If it wasn't for the FIV+ sign on their cages, you wouldn't have a clue that they have FIV! They must be kept indoors. They may live with other indoor cats since FIV is not easily passed between cats (it would be best if your other cat(s) are good-natured and amicable to a new pal). FIV is primarily spread by serious bite wounds so if you have other cats, it is important to properly introduce FIV cats to the others (but you would do that with any cat that you bring home). It is also important to keep them free from stress so a quiet home would be best. So...Chiclet needs a home.

FeLV Kitties
ICHS has NO FeLV cats at the moment – YIPPEE! 

Success Stories
I need your help if I am to continue to feature the success stories which begin the moment your adopted companion chooses you. It is not difficult for me to write a paragraph that showcases your pet. The problem that I have is finding YOU and your pet. I don't know who you are or how to contact you. If you would be interested in sharing your pet's story in the newsletter, please e-mail me at A picture and a brief write-up about your pet(s) is all that I need. If I don't have enough info, I will get back to you. It would be helpful to know your pet's shelter name (if you renamed your pet), when you adopted, pet's favorite activities, other pets that you may have and whatever else you would like to include. If you are not able to send a picture, that's OK. Many of you send periodic updates regarding your adopted pet to the shelter. I can use those write-ups if you would please indicate (in your letter/e-mail to ICHS) that you are giving me permission to include your pet's story in the newsletter. I hope to hear from you! 



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