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ICHS Newsletter - PawPrints
Current Issue: May 2016

A Letter From The Editor......It seems that spring has been trying to make an appearance since the middle of February, but it hasn't quite arrived yet. As I gaze out the window it certainly looks like spring, but today's mid-forty degree temperature is even keeping the cats in the house (they're as big of wimps as I am). This chilly, blustery day makes it easy for me to stay indoors and work on PawPrints. As you know, my newsletter never meets a deadline, but May's deadline is even more challenging because of the additional hours that go into preparing for the ICHS plant sale. So as long as we don't get any snow flurries...And as you read this letter, it is important to remember that I am a volunteer and these are MY thoughts.

Canine Good Citizen classes are held twice a year at ICHS. The American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Program (CGC) trains and tests dogs on several aspects of basic obedience, good manners and social interactions including sit, down, come, stay, allowing handling, walking politely on a leash and interacting politely with dogs and strangers when out in public. These classes at ICHS are offered to the public and if room permits, resident shelter dogs may also participate. The most recent CGC was held in April and it was awesome that Arnette S. decided to enroll Jersey in the CGC class.

Jersy_CGC_Grad.jpgMany of you are familiar with our four-year-old Dobie mix, Jersey. Jersey has a huge "fan club", but nevertheless she has been at ICHS just shy of two years. It takes Jersey awhile (10-15 seconds) to warm up to people that she doesn't know and she isn't real confident about new situations/surroundings. She is also "choosy" about other dogs so it was wonderful for Jersey to have this opportunity. When I asked Arnette for specifics, here is what she told me:"Jersey did great in the class and would have passed all the parts of the test which include a recall, heel on a loose lead, work in a close area with other dogs and be under control, allow grooming and handling (she is very good at this - even allows nail clipping without trouble), sit and stay with another person quietly while handler (me) leaves the room for 3 minutes. Sit while another person greets the owner and does not jump up and sit on command. The only thing she wouldn't do was "down" which we practiced a lot. This happens all the time in obedience shows when a dog will not do something for some reason only they know. She is very smart and learns quickly how to work the system to get what she wants and will need a smart owner to stay on top her, but she will be a lot of fun."

Arnette stressed that she had to be alert and used the cue "watch me" (which Jersey does know) and had to use some body blocking techniques – especially when a new dog would enter the room. Arnette said that she did well with people. Arnette did use a head halter with Jersey for the class (just as a precaution) but she was not allowed to use the halter for the actual test. Jersey does wonderfully here at the shelter but she does need a home. She will need an EXPERIENCED and stable family. It would have been great for her to have received her CGC certificate but it didn't happen this time. Hopefully next fall when classes are offered again, YOU (as her handler – because YOU made her part of YOUR family☺) will be the one to proudly walk away with Jersey and that CGC certificate!

We've had a couple of litters of kittens come through the door and most of them have been adopted already, but it is just a matter of time before "kitten season" begins in earnest. As usual, we will be looking for Kitten Kadre volunteers to help get these little ones off to a good start in life. Whether the mama cat is present or the kittens are "orphans", shelter living is not conducive to kittens (or puppies). The littlest ones do need "around the clock" care, and due to busy schedules, not everyone is able to take on this type of commitment. However the older kittens simply need a family to get them off to a good start – get them socialized so that they are "good to go" to their "forever" homes. There is simply not enough time and staff/volunteers to socialize this many kittens at the shelter. Fostering kittens is the perfect way to get your "kitten fix" - enjoy them and their antics for a while - knowing that it is a temporary situation. Fortunately most of them are adopted quickly when they return. If you have the interest and the time, please contact ICHS to learn more about this important and necessary volunteer opportunity.

In the March PawPrints I mentioned the changes taking place in Larry's Living Room and had anticipated that the project would be completed by now – but not quite. Justin P (who did most of the work) was called back to work and he hasn't had the time to finish. soon as the plant sale is over, I will continue to "oversee" the project (since I am not "artistic", I can only "oversee"). I would also like to start on the other remaining room so if there is anyone who has the time to help with that project, please let me or the office know of your interest.

The Buildings & Grounds Committee is back to meeting on a regular basis. We had put a lengthy "to do" list together back in January and there are many building improvements/ideas – I don't think we'll run out of projects anytime soon. Our greatest need at the moment is a new roof which we have been talking about for some time now. Obviously we are looking at considerable expense to do this project so we will need to do some creative fundraising to raise the funds. We also need to continue to focus on the dog kennel area – better noise control and a plan for a permanent dog quarantine area. If you have any ideas for creative fundraising, roofing or are interested in being on the B&G Committee, please contact the office (or myself) to find out more about our meeting schedule. If you have any suggestions or ideas about the content of ICHS PAWPRINTS, please contact me, Terri Davis, at

Volunteer Update
As a reminder, ICHS is a volunteer-based organization and our volunteers are priceless when it comes to our mission and success. As important as our volunteers are, perhaps we don't have an adequate way to express our thanks other than to say "thank you" and there may be a time when even that doesn't occur. Most of us volunteer because we want to, and we don't expect thanks – a wagging tail or a purring cat is our thanks! ICHS has a "Lucky Volunteer of the Month" drawing – just for fun. One volunteer's name is drawn each month and receives a little something – no, not a kitten☺ – as a token of ICHS's appreciation. The volunteer is "lucky" because it has nothing to do with how often you volunteer (there is only one name/per person/ per month no matter how much time you spend volunteering) and so "lucky" is simply being the one whose name is drawn from the container – that's the "luck of the draw"!

Our most recent "lucky volunteers" are: March – Lisa D. Lisa is from Plain and has been a volunteer since November 2013. Lisa works in Dodgeville and spends time away from her workplace here at the shelter with the cats. April – Miles C. Miles is one of our younger (but very enthusiastic) volunteers and lives in Platteville. Volunteering is a family affair as both mom and dad are also volunteers. The family has been volunteering only since January but they spend lots of time here with the kitties – sometimes making the drive from Platteville two times per week. Thank you to Lisa and Miles and his parents – and all the rest of you for everything that you do for ICHS! If you are thinking about becoming a volunteer, our volunteer orientations are the 3rd Saturday of the month at 12:30 at the shelter in Dodgeville.

Upcoming Fundraising Events
Just a reminder that ICHS is always looking for volunteers to help with the planning and implementation of our fundraisers. Our goal is to have enough volunteers so that each individual would only have to help plan and/or work at one event per year. So...if you would like to get involved with the planning and organizing of 2016's fundraisers, please contact the shelter for more details. We hope to hear from you!!!

ICHS Plant & Garage Sale
The 10th annual ICHS Plant Sale will be held in the parking lot at ICHS on consecutive Saturdays: May 21th and May 28th from 8:30 – noon. There will be annuals and perennials for sale. No vegetables or herbs. The proceeds from this sale go to the animals' health care. You can contact me at if you have questions. ICHS had a GREAT Garage Sale in April but, as usual, there were some items left over and so after purchasing your plants, you can browse the garage sale. You will find some GREAT bargains on both plants and garage sale treasures!

ICHS Green Bay Packer Tailgate Tour Fundraiser June 19th
This promises to be one of our area's largest events of the year, and is an amazing opportunity for our shelter! General admission tickets are still available - check out our website for more info. We also need volunteers to staff the event! Contact if you'd like to volunteer or have any questions.

March & April Adoptions

Mar Cats
Ms Peacock

Mar Cats

Mar Dogs

Apr Cats
Big Boy**

Apr Cats

Apr Dogs

*- kitten  
** - Angel's Wish
- special needs and/or having been an ICHS resident for a year(s) 

Special Pets
We all know that all animals are 'special' but the animals featured in this section are indeed special. These are 'special needs' animals. The special person/family who adopts one of these animals knows that this may/may not be the long-term relationship which we hope for when we open our hearts and homes to a new family member. These animals 'forever homes' with us may be just for a short time before they move on...But, nevertheless, these animals need a home and a loving family just as we all do. Are you possibly the family that could provide a home for one of these animals? If not, do you know of a family who could provide a loving home for these animals? If so, please come out to ICHS and find out more about these animals from the ICHS staff.

Buzz, Juniper, Mustard, Garfield, Petey & Woody - FIV KittiesBuzz.jpg
Our FIV population is growing! These kitties are "normal" cats – it's just that they have a virus (FIV) which affects their immune systems – but slowly – over a period of years! They should live long and normal lives! Buzz was thought to be 'feral' when he first arrived at ICHS; hiding in his cubby 24/7 for weeks – but he was simply frightened – and he still frightens easily when unexpected noises or movement occurs. Buzz is one of the sweetest and most loving cats in the building. Buzz has been with us over two years – he really needs a home! Is it possible that YOU just might be the special family that Buzz is looking for?Juniper.jpg

Juniper has been with us since May – almost a year. Juniper is simply "precious"!!! She is a beautiful orange cat with matching eyes. She is so loving and will probably be a "lap cat supreme" once she has the opportunity to be away from the shelter. She doesn't get the attention that she craves; "special needs" cats are too often ignored here at the shelter – even by volunteers.

was extremely vocal when he first came to ICHS but has quieted down. He is also a popular kitty with the volunteers. Because he had appeared to be so "needy" (meowing) when in his cage, I wasn't sure what to expect from him when I took him to a M&G room for the first time, but he was very well-behaved. Although he played a bit, he seemed to be content just having my attention (and a few treats). He'll be a wonderful addition to YOUR family.Garfield.jpg

Garfield is a neat cat! He also meows a lot, but it is simply to get YOUR attention. His round pumpkin-face gives the impression that he is HUGE, but when you take him out of his cage, you will find him to be an average-sized fellow. He is very loving and it appears that he will be a wonderful lap cat as well as a snuggle bug. Don't take my word for it. Come and meet him and see for yourself. He will impress YOU!

Petey.jpgPetey is one of those kitties that if he was not FIV+, he would have been adopted before now. Granted Petey hasn't been with us long – he came in March but as sweet and as handsome as he is, he would have been adopted before now if it weren't for his FIV label! Petey is only about two years old, playful, loves attention and gets along with other cats. Actually Petey and Buzz are roommates (they are such a handsome pair) and they get along well. If YOU are looking for a pair of kitties (or only one), look no further, YOU have just been found!  

Woody_GB_Packer.jpgWoody has become an office kitty. This little guy has a few issues (besides his FIV status) but he has his entire life ahead of him. He is the wiggliest and squirmiest cat that I know and has a huge purr that never stops. He loves to play which perhaps isn't in his best interest as he has an issue with his knee and it would be best if he was a bit more sedentary – but try telling Woody to slow down! He is uncoordinated and his little body is kind of "out of proportion" which simply adds to his CUTENESS! And if the little guy didn't have enough problems, his hair started falling out although it is growing back. Woody loves attention and never gets enough! Come and fall in total love with this little guy today – he will simply light up your life!!!

Although we call FIV cats "special", there really are no special considerations when adopting Buzz, Juniper, Mustard, Garfield or Woody. If it wasn't for the FIV+ sign on their cages, you wouldn't have a clue that they have FIV! They must be kept indoors. They may live with other cats since FIV is not easily passed between cats (it would be best if your other cat(s) are good-natured and amicable to a new pal). FIV is primarily spread by serious bite wounds so if you have other cats, it is important to properly introduce FIV cats to the others (but you would do that with any cat that you bring home). It is also important to keep them free from stress so a quiet home would be best. So...Buzz, Juniper, Mustard, Garfield and Woody need homes.

Slade - FeLV Kitties
Slade.jpgSlade is a young, gray guy who has one thing on his mind when I take him out of his cage – FOOD! And he could probably benefit from having some extra treats – being the young cat that he is, he is a bit gangly. He is so happy to be out of his cage that it is difficult to get him to focus. When I have him out, he isn't interested in food, my lap or playing, but once he adjusts to YOUR home – his real personality will come shining through. Since I don't know Slade very well, I leave it up to YOU to get to know him – whether as a volunteer here at ICHS or by making him YOURS. So...Slade needs a home.

Similar to FIV cats, FeLV cats also must be kept indoors and a quiet home is best. FeLV cats do need to be only cats (may live with other FeLV cats). FeLV kitties may live for years having a "normal" life span, but once/if the later stage of the infection occurs, the cat's health may deteriorate rapidly. That, of course, is one reason FeLV cats are not readily adopted – no one wants to lose their pet to illness. But these kitties need homes.

Gregory.jpgGregory – FIV & FeLV Kitty
Gregory is indeed a special kitty! He tested positive for both FeLV and FIV. Now don't let that deter you from making this guy a part of your family! As mentioned earlier, as long as FeLV cats are kept indoors, are only cats and live in a stress-free environment (as much as possible), they should be with your family for many years to come. Gregory is friendly and affectionate, but he hasn't had a lot of opportunities to interact with people (he was a barn cat), so he needs YOU to show him what a loving relationship is all about. So...Gregory needs a home.

Success Stories
I need your help if I am to continue to feature the success stories which begin the moment your adopted companion chooses you. It is not difficult for me to write a paragraph that showcases your pet. The problem that I have is finding YOU and your pet. I don't know who you are or how to contact you. If you would be interested in sharing your pet's story in the newsletter, please e-mail me at A picture and a brief write-up about your pet(s) is all that I need. If I don't have enough info, I will get back to you. It would be helpful to know your pet's shelter name (if you renamed your pet), when you adopted, pet's favorite activities, other pets that you may have and whatever else you would like to include. If you are not able to send a picture, that's OK. Many of you send periodic updates regarding your adopted pet to the shelter. I can use those write-ups if you would please indicate (in your letter/e-mail to ICHS) that you are giving me permission to include your pet's story in the newsletter. I hope to hear from you!

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