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An update on adoptions, sanctuary, treating animals with behavior issues and more. 

The bylaws and rules voted into place by ICHS members at the 2013 annual meeting started many things in motion. Here's an update about what's been going on as ICHS works to tend to the animals in our care and serve our community. We are a no-kill shelter and will not euthanize adoptable animals.


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About the Iowa County Humane Society

Prior to 1998 the odds of survival were not good for a stray or abandoned animal in Iowa County. The best scenario, but least likely to occur, was that the stray would be taken in by some kind soul and allowed to become a part of their family. The next best thing would be if a stray animal was captured and taken to the local vet clinic and hopefully claimed by its owner within the seven day holding period. If the animal went unclaimed, it was euthanized. Or, finally, the things which are never good but are what usually happened to abandoned animals: being hit by a car, killed by other animals, starving to death or dying from disease or illness or being shot by humans. Because of this, the Iowa County Humane Society was formed by a group of concerned, caring citizens who decided to find a humane solution to help save the stray, the abandoned, the unwanted and the neglected Iowa County animals from a tragic life or early death.

The Iowa County Humane Society (ICHS) began in 1998 with a simple goal in mind: "Find loving homes for stray and abandoned animals: save the animals!" With this in mind came many hours of meetings and many months of organizing. The group surveyed municipalities, formed by-laws, elected officers and made decisions. The most important decision by far was the unanimous vote by the newly formed humane society to embrace the philosophy and ethics of a no-kill shelter.

ICHS members began fostering animals who were not claimed by their owners from the local vet clinic. Phone calls were made, ads were placed and soon unwanted animals were finding forever homes. The word was spreading and ICHS members were receiving more and more calls about stray and neglected animals. Calls also came from people who were experiencing a lifestyle change and needed to find a new home for their devoted family pet.

ICHS became an incorporated business and 501c (3) non-profit organization in 1999. Since 1998, ICHS has found homes for over 2900 animals. In 2007 alone, over 600 animals found their way through our doors with almost 300 pets finding their new forever homes. Because of our no-kill philosophy, ICHS has been able to help and find homes for many animals who would have been euthanized in other areas. Euthanization of animals occurs only in the case of terminal health reasons for which there is no hope of a cure or in the case of behavioral issues which make an animal a danger to the community. ICHS incurs all of the costs for medical treatments as well as the costs for food, bedding and daily care for our average animal population of 130 cats and 45 dogs. In 2007, our income was approximately $165,000 with expenses of around $190,000.

ICHS offers adoptions of animals, assistance with re-homing pets, shelter services for stray/homeless Iowa County animals, educational programs for schools & community organizations, a Junior Humane Society as well as a Humane Officer for the investigation of cruelty/abuse cases. Please consider helping make a difference for the animals of Iowa County by becoming a member, adopter, volunteer or making a donation.


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