Kwik Trip Fundraiser

Do you shop at Kwik Trip? Did you know Kwik Trip will support ICHS?? Will you consider shopping at Kwik Trip to support ICHS??

The Kwik Trip Fund-Raising program can benefit ICHS! With every purchase on your Kwik Trip Card, a donation will be made to the shelter. Once approved to participate in the program you'll earn Kwik Rewards of 3 cents per gallon on every gallon of fuel you purchase with your Kwik Card. Designate ICHS to receive your account's quarterly rewards and now you are helping the shelter!

In addition, for every in-store purchase you make 3% will also be credited to the rewards program, AND Kwik Trip will donate an additional 1% of your in-store purchases to the reward program!!

If you'd like to participate in this easy way to support your community business and ICHS, please visit your local Kwik Trip for a Kwik Card application. If you already have a Kwik Card, request a Kwik Rewards Fund-Raising Designation postcard to request ICHS be the benefactor of your Kwik Rewards! Kwik Trip can also be reached at 888-736-KWIK. Please read the application carefully for additional information.

We look forward to your support.